Marine Gas Oil

We are a marine gas oil supplier offering islandwide delivery services in Singapore at competitive prices. At Herculean, we specialize in delivering bulk quantities of marine gas oil.

What is Marine Gas Oil?
Marine Gas Oil (MGO) is a type of fuel that is commonly used in marine diesel engines on ships. It is a distillate fuel, meaning it is derived from crude oil through a refining process.

The Types of Marine Fuels supplied by Herculean are:

  • 500PPM
  • Premium Marine Gas Oil 20 PPM


Marine Gas Oil (MGO) with a sulfur content of 500 parts per million (ppm) is used as fuel for marine diesel engines. These engines are commonly found in various types of vessels, including ships, boats, and other maritime vehicles. MGO is a type of distillate fuel, and the 500 ppm specification indicates the sulfur content in the fuel.

The sulfur content is a crucial factor because it affects the environmental impact of the fuel. In the context of maritime regulations, a sulfur content of 500 ppm is considered relatively low, contributing to reduced sulfur emissions during combustion. This is in line with international efforts to address air pollution from maritime activities.

Premium Marine Gas Oil 20PPM

Premium Marine Gas Oil (MGO) with a sulfur content of 20 parts per million (PPM) is a type of high-quality marine fuel with an extremely low sulfur concentration. In this context:

  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO): This is a type of distillate fuel used in marine diesel engines. It is commonly used in various maritime vessels, including ships and boats.
  • 20 PPM Sulfur Content: The sulfur content is a critical factor in assessing the environmental impact of the fuel. A sulfur content of 20 PPM is exceptionally low. Lower sulfur content is desirable because it results in fewer sulfur emissions during combustion, contributing to environmental goals and compliance with international regulations.

This level of sulfur content (20 PPM) is well below the limits set by international regulations, such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) MARPOL Annex VI, which mandates stringent controls on sulfur emissions from ships. The use of Premium MGO with 20 PPM sulfur content reflects a commitment to cleaner and more environmentally friendly maritime operations. It helps reduce air pollution and minimizes the environmental impact associated with the combustion of marine fuels.

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